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First Step to Change (1st meeting)


As a first step, meet with your coach to discuss and define your goal for this program. During this 20 minute meeting determine if there is a connection and whether MAGlight Life Coach is for you, or if a referral is in your best interest.


Defining your Goal (2nd meeting)


The second meeting takes approximately 90 minutes, here your coach learns more about you and your goal by asking some powerful questions.


Your personalized Coaching Program (3rd meeting)


Everyone is unique and so will be your coaching program. The third meeting is approximately 1 hour long. Here your coach will review and discuss your personalized coaching program. You have the opportunity to commit to three additional meetings to practice new skills building on your current strengths.

Your Development (4-6th meeting)


Three additional hour long meetings will be scheduled approximately three weeks apart; you will be provided a series of exercises to move towards embodying the skills required to achieve your goal.


Lasting Change (7th and final meeting)


A final meeting will be scheduled to review your achievements over the past 5-6 months and confirm the way forward for you to continue your journey towards bigger goals.


Life Coaching Program      


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