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“Marie-Anik led me through a transition to greater self-awareness and expression, grounded in a sense of true purpose. I am deeply grateful for her insight, skill, and compassionate attention.”

Kristine H

“Working with Marie-Anik was life-changing for me. She has a special gift for reading her clients. I came so far in the five months we worked together, I’m forever grateful to Marie-Anik for the bond we forged and the ways in which I have been able to improve my life as a result.”

Heather L


"Marie-Anik has a genuine gift for truly listening to someone, seeing into their soul, and helping to see things in a new perspectve. My life feels richer for having gone through this experience with Marie-Anik."

Logan H

Misty Sunbeams

"Marie-Anik is not only a gifted coach but a coach who genuinely cares and works with you to become your true self.  I am very grateful for her caring heart, insights, and hard work that helped me transform in five months. She is also a strong and wonderful role model, who inspires me to become better."

Natalie L


I know that it may sound cheesy but having gone through coaching with Marie-Anik has truly been a life-altering experience.  My perspective has changed and improved my overall well-being...allowing me to be more "me" and live and enjoy the moment more fully.  I can't thank you enough, Coach, for enriching my life and have every confidence that you have - and will continue - to touch other peoples' lives in the same positive way..."

Marie P

Blue Parachute

"In just four months, Marie-Anik was able to equip me with tools I needed to deal with an assortment of issues from childhood. The outcome I was looking for in therapy was found through coaching under Marie-Anik. She is warm, understanding, and has a remarkable aptitude for reframing situations through understandable metaphors. The changes I have undergone in the past few months have been incomparable, and each day is a new surprise when I realize I was able to do something I previously struggled with. Marie-Anik has helped me take my life back from my issues and anxieties and I am forever grateful for all that she has taught me." 

Jordan L

"I'm so glad that I started this coaching journey with Marie-Anik.  Her combination of strength, wisdom, compassion and insight have helped me find a stronger voice and advocate within myself. She listens intently, quickly perceives the crux of a  situation, and provides helpful insights, ideas and questions to ponder. Most importantly, she genuinely cares and has a great respect for her clients' vulnerabilities. My relationships with my partner, my children, and with myself, have changed in these short 5 months and I am so grateful, for I am not the same person. I feel lucky to have met her and privileged to have had Marie-Anik as a life coach.  I would recommend her to anyone seeking support or growth."

Paula W

"I am thankful for having been accepted into Marie-Anik's coaching program this fall. The experience far exceeded my expectations. I have engaged with talented coaches in the past, however I found Marie-Anik's approach to be the most change-provoking and unsettling (in a good way). I say 'unsettled' because she helped me challenge the status quo in my thinking and behaviour. Her gift is seeing what I do not see. Communicating in ways that inspire me to stop, listen, and act. Marie-Anik's insight, compassion and wisdom shine a light on what is and what could be. Her approach 'painted a picture' through metaphors -- this was not only powerful, it is enduring. I will take those images along with me in my work, team member, partner, friend and life long learner."

Terri S

"I am in good health, have an incredible family, successful career, and many friends.  I was functioning fine but my chaotic lifestyle was likely unsustainable and certain patterns in my life were making me unhappy when it reared its ugly head. After speaking with Marie-Anik, I decided to give coaching a try, and am truly amazed at the 'transformation' in myself and the results in just 4 months. 


Marie-Anik's warmth, sincerity, straightforwardness and encouragement created a safe place for me to quickly open up and be honest with her.  What I find amazing is her ability to listen objectively,  sift through the 'information dump' that I presented to her, and ask thought-provoking questions that quickly helped crystallize the underlying issues and solutions.

Marie-Anik kept me focused and accountable with attainable actions that embraced my values so that the once insurmountable obstacles became exponentially easier to handle. Not only did she give me the necessary tools to attain my goals but I can draw on these strategies and tools down the road... although I believe that it's slowly becoming part of my new way of being."

Olive M

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